brighten made is ONE

brighten made is one

It's crazy to me to think that just one year ago today I launched Brighten Made. So much has changed for me both personally and professionally since then. Personally - I got engaged to my best friend, bought a cute 1920's house, got a puppy (Mr. Pickles - he's the best). Professionally - I quit my full-time job to pursue this business of mine full-time. And also CHEERS! to my new website. It's been a long time coming, it still isn't perfect but I'm excited to have a place where I can share some of my thoughts and work more regularly. I think my website is one of those things I could redesign 4,000 times, so S/O to the perfectionist in me for letting it go live.

There were so many amazing projects and clients I got to work with my first year of owning Brighten Made that I would've never imagined landing. I also certainly didn't think I'd make it to the point of full-time ownership either, but I did. It wasn't always like this though. So for the side hustlers out there who have dreams of making their business a full-time thing I want you to know it didn't come easy. In fact, for the first few months after launching Brighten Made I had ZERO clients. I would spend hours researching on how the heck I could do this thing that I loved and have people pay me money for it. It wasn't until the middle/end of last summer when things really started to pick up. Suddenly, I had landed a couple of pretty big clients. I shared the work, and then more came in. It got to a point where I either had to turn away work or put in my two weeks at my job. I was nervous, scared, excited - all the things. But turns out it wasn't as scary as I anticipated. At the end of last November, I became a full-time business owner.

While I can't speak to entire year of being a freelancer, I can speak to a few months. There are mornings I still wake up in a panic about a project that needs to get done - or worried that all of a sudden the work will stop and I won't be able to pay my bills. But for the most part, it feels completely liberating to get to be creative all the time. The work is always changing and it keeps me on my toes. I've been #blessed to work with the clients that I do. So in honor of the first year in business, I'm sharing with you some of my favorites from the past 12 months. It's been a whirlwind of an adventure, but I wouldn't have it any other way!

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