changes I made to my ever-evolving design process


When I look back at where I was a year ago in my business - my process in particular was so very different. Process in general is such a broad term that I could probably write about FOR DAYS, but in this post I want to share a few major shifts that I made over the past year and how it’s impacted my clients and my work.


ree big changes I made to my ever-evolving design process:

  1. In-depth Brand Strategies

    Alright so this is a big one. Before I kick off a project, I like to send over a moodboard (like most designers and creatives) along with corresponding explanations so that the client can have an idea of what I’m thinking before I dive into any actual design work. This is something I’ve been doing since the early stages of my previous wedding stationery company, Flyover Design Co.

    What started off as sending pretty moodboards before beginning design projects shifted into a more in-depth brand strategy presentation. I slowly added to my initial moodboard phase so that the client could understand the intention behind the inspiration. It wasn’t until I took the Branding with Bre course though, that I really flushed out the presentations with as much meaning as possible - covering everything from their target audience to their competition, to brand goals, and more. The power behind all of this is that it’s helped me make sure that I’m asking the right questions and doing enough research on my client so that I can fully understand the ins and outs of their business. The more I know about their business, the more their branding will speak to the right people and bring them success.

    If you’re not familiar with Breanna’s course, it’s basically an entire overview of her design process and what has really worked for her and her clients. If you’re a designer, I HIGHLY recommend investing in her course - you can use the code “brighten” at the check out for $25 OFF!

    Okay back to my process.

  2. One Concept Presentation
    If you would’ve looked at my branding presentations a year ago, you would’ve saw that I shared three different branding concepts. These concepts were unique but still inline with the initial moodboard, so some type treatments would be different, illustrations might have been different, or colors might’ve shifted slightly, but overall they were all in a similiar style that I had initially presented with the inspiration.

    While more options might seem more appealing to clients, I learned that it actually wasn’t better. In Breanna’s course she shared her own personal struggles with presenting to clients which I had really connected to as well. A lot of times clients would want to combine two concepts into one because there were parts they liked from both of them, but what they didn’t understand was that there was a reason why a concept worked on it’s own. When you combine different ideas it can tend to look like an in-cohesive mess and I knew that wasn’t what was best for their business.

    The other part to this that I realized was that I was spending a lot of time creating concepts just for the sake of having another concept. I wasn’t able to devote my time to really flushing out and perfecting one idea, because I had to make sure I was also presenting two more. In my process now, I still am creating different concepts upfront but I’m able to use my expertise to narrow them down and know which one works best for their goals, audience, and brand.

    I feel much more confident now knowing that I am sending them a well thought-out branding presentation that fully shows them their brand across different platforms and used in a variety of ways, which brings me to my next point.

  3. Gathering Feedback

    The feedback phase to me used to be such a daunting process. What if they hate it? What if I have to start over? Design is SO personal and it’s hard to fully remove myself emotionally when I put so much heart behind it. What I learned in Bre’s course was that I wasn’t asking my clients the right questions. Instead of just sending off a presentation with my fingers crossed hoping that they like it, my clients now are given a bit more guidance when providing feedback. I urge them to try to take their personal preferences out of it (as much as they can!) while really trying to think about their audience and brand, and how the design effectively works for them or how it could be improved.

    Now I can confidently say that I’m able to really collaborate with my clients during this phase and it’s been much more successful for their brands by doing so.

So there you have it! Three big shifts I made in my business, which I owe a lot to the amazing Branding with Bre Course.

That’s all for now!


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