vita hydration + wellness branding launch

Visual branding, logo, photography, and typography for a wellness therapy business. Brand strategy, squarespace website design, pricing guide, and Instagram icons. #brightenmade #branding #design

Vita Hydration + Wellness is a mobile IV vitamin therapy business located in Boston. The owner, Alana, is a registered Nurse who has a passion for holistic health. She dreamt of owning her own business that offered services that she believes in and felt passionate about. She believes that holistic health is starting to gain a following and people are realizing there are other options other than traditional medicine that they can explore. She struggled with creating a brand that went against traditional clinics yet also helped her clients feel safe and comfortable, which is where I came in.

Step one: Brand Strategy + Moodboard


In her brand strategy, I dove deep into her audience and her competition. Her target audience is young professionals in the Boston area who maintain a busy and active lifestyle. We wanted her branding to feel modern and fun in order to communicate to the millennial who’s interested in trying out other holistic health options. We also felt that the modern look would separate her from other IV vitamin businesses who are more focused on curing hangovers. We felt that a bold color palette would communicate the enjoyable and personable experience that gives her clients a boost of hydration.

Step two: Branding


Within the typography of her branding, I chose a clean, minimal sans-serif that will help attract those younger clients who are active and love to travel. I also adjusted the A’s of Vita Hydration to have a slight reference to a water droplet, in order to communicate the hydrating feeling. For the “and” portion, I used a plus sign which makes her brand feel clean and modern while also conveying the message of medical.

In her logo variations, I played around with a modern styled drop symbol that also referenced a leaf in order to communicate the natural hydration her business offers. I also created a unique tropical inspired pattern to tie in the water droplet leaf, and to give her brand a fun, playful layer that young, active professionals will be drawn to.

Step three: produced photography


Now that Alana had a gorgeous brand, the next step was to create images that felt cohesive with her colors and overall vibe. With her subject being medical, it was a more challenging subject to visually show how hydrating and exciting her brand is without feeling too sterile. I propped, styled and art directed these images and worked with a local photographer to make it happen. I chose surfaces that tied in with her brand colors in order to achieve a cohesive look and feel throughout her website. I used colorful fruits in order to communicate the positive health benefits that IV Vitamins produce. I sprayed water droplets to convey the hydrating and rejuvenating feeling her brand needed to have. In addition to IV vitamins, she also has a himalayan salt cave which we also shot images to represent.

Step four: squarespace website design


Alana’s website is where we really got to bring her brand fully to life with the use of fonts, colors, and images! We wanted her images to stay large and graphic so that people would want to keep scrolling for more. You can check out her site built in Squarespace here:

Step five: finish out the brand with collateral


I designed a pricing guide that Alana could hand out to local gyms or fitness studios to share her pricing and some of the health benefits behind her IV vitamin treatments. This beautifully designed PDF helps get the word out about her new business in a cohesive, branded way.


I also created business cards and Instagram story icons that she could use with her branded images and patterns.

I’m thrilled with how cohesive, playful and modern her brand turned out and can’t wait to see what Alana does with it!

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