the steps we'll take are as easy as 1, 2, 3...4, 5.

First things first, start by filling out our contact form here. In order to give each project and brand the attention that it deserves, Brighten Made takes on a select number of clients each month. We’ll hop on a call to learn more about your branding goals and ensure we’re an A+ fit! After I learn a bit more about you and your brand, I’ll send over the project timeline + contract. If all looks good, a non-refundable deposit gets your project on the Brighten books!

Next up, you will receive the Branding Questionnaire, an in-depth questionnaire covering all aspects of your business and what you’re dreaming up for your design! We want to know #ALLTHETHINGS so that we can build your branding with strategy and a deeper meaning. If you’re also partnering with us on your website, this will also be the time you provide all content. If you’re DIY-ing your copy, we’ll provide you with our website content guide, and if you’re partnering with our copywriter, we’ll have you fill out an additional part to your questionnaire. Your current images will also be due at this time so we can establish a plan of attack with both imagery/art direction. You’ll have a chance to hire a photographer, have us partner with a photographer, or use stock imagery with the help of our direction.

creative direction
After we’ve learned more about your brand, we’ll provide you with the Brand Strategy, an in-depth outline and our approach to your branding that serves as a guide throughout our time together. Within the brand strategy, you will receive a moodboard that encompasses the overall vibe we’re vibin’ with, to include: color palette, typography inspiration, imagery that mimics the mood/feel of the brand, illustration ideas, and pattern. This is meant to outline our approach prior to moving forward and to give you a chance to speak up if anything seems off before we dive in!

After we have a strategy behind your brand, we get to move onto the creation! Brighten Made presents your Branding Concept Presentation, including all branding elements: the primary logo, secondary logos, submarks, and pattern. We’ll even show you collateral and application mockups and a live video walk-through to explain each element and its intended use. A feedback form will be provided with questions to answer and feedback guidelines. Two rounds of refinement are included, as well as an optional phone call to talk through brand aspects and adjustments.

brand launch
Once your branding project is complete, Brighten Made will export all final files for print and digital use and will provide a branding guide that outlines when and where to use your logos, a font system, and a breakdown of your color palette. If you’ve signed on for web design or additional collateral items beyond our first brand package, now is when we would begin that process! From here, we would design your branding collateral to create a fully custom brand experience. And then? Cheers to your new brand! Let’s show it off on social on your launch date to create the buzz around your brand!