who we are
Brighten Made is a petite design studio based out of Des Moines, Iowa, that focuses on branding like-minded entrepreneurs and female founders that have an eye for style and a passion for their path.

Hey there, I’m Bri!

Brighten Made came to life during my evenings and weekends while working in the corporate world. I was ready to move beyond the walls of my gray cubicle at Better Homes and Gardens and pursue a passion that was uniquely my own. And while I had previously launched a wedding stationery company as a creative outlet, it still wasn’t fulfilling my drive for more. So, after putting my time in at the 9-5 (and driving my then fiancé, now husband, mad from never looking up from my computer), I took the leap to pursue my passion full-time... and I haven't looked back since.

When I’m not designing, you can find me scouring the aisles of Target (or Anthro), working on the next project for my 1920s abode, snuggled up my two fur babies (Pickles and Tito), or exploring DSM with my husband Joe.

How Brighten Was Made

The Early Years

My love for design was born the minute I could hold a Gelly Roll (so many colors to choose from!)

High School

Found a love for both interior and web design through my mom’s magazines + creating my Myspace layouts


Headed north to Iowa State University setting my sights on two things: a BFA in Graphic Design and a spot on the ISU Cheer Squad

The intern

Four years at ISU blossomed into internships with the Emmys, Variety, Better Homes and Gardens, and a local design studio

Post-Grad Life

My love for magazines came full-circle when I landed my first job at Better Homes & Gardens as a graphic designer, then promoted to art director



Launched my first company, Flyover Design Co., focused on wedding stationery, watercolor, + hand-lettering

Heart Eyes

Began dating my person—the love of my life (who just so happened to be my neighbor growing up and a graphic designer!)

My Other Love

Launched Brighten Made out of my love for branding and working with entreprenuers (you know, what you’re currently looking at…)

adult stuff

Bought my first house (and all the adorable decor to go with it) + became a dog mom to my fur baby, Mr. Pickles

the present

100% Brighten Made! Focused on creating one-of-a-kind, beautifully designed, integrated brands for small businesses